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  I hope you all had a fabulous and relaxing weekend. The music performance was a huge success and thank you all for coming out to support your son/daughter and the music program.  We are at the end of the quarter and report cards will be coming home on Friday, December 14. We are continuing to work hard this quarter.  Please encourage your son/daughter to work hard and turn in their assignments when they are due. My goal for the students is to complete all of their work during class time, however, there may be times when they will have to complete work at home. I have implemented a Spelling activities page to the back of the calendar (this is not an option), this is homework for Spelling.  Please encourage your son/daughter to stay focused, stay on task, and engaged with their learning.  Let's work together to encourage the students to do well this quarter.  Please encourage them to be organized with all work. I will not accept any late or missing assignments from any students after the due date unless they are ill or if there is a family emergency.  Please make sure your child is working on assignments and projects and turning them in on time. Spelling definitions are done daily and are due every Thursday for 50 points.There are 5-6 Test every Friday, so please make sure that your child is studying the materials during the week.  Please encourage your son/daughter to work on memorizing their multiplication facts and work on writing skills. There is an academic calendar, please review this and make sure your son/daughter brings it to class daily.  Math homework is to be turned in on Fridays. The other homework is due on Fridays. Please continue to have them read and work on comprehension skills, multiplication facts, division and fractions daily.

Thank you for your help and support.

For questions or concerns you may contact me at: [email protected] or 520-399-2121.

Upcoming Events:

Winter break-December 17, 2018 to Jan 4, 2019

Materials or Supplies Needed:

Ink: Epson 220 or 220 XL combo (Epson WF-2750)
Method Cleaner for white board (purple)