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Ms. Malcolm's 4th grade

Fair is not giving everyone the same thing;

Fair is giving everyone what he or she needs.

Richard LaVoie

 Every child is a unique, creative, and responsible individual. I like for the learner to “think outside of the box”. I would like for the students to exhibit self-confidence, self-respect and self-discipline. As a teacher, I like to uncover the hidden potentials and to ensure their purposes and talents are being fulfilled. I want learning to always be fun, interactive, vibrant, exciting, high engaging, motivational and hands-on. Learning is not just direct instructed but it is universal. We are all teachers and we learn from each other. I have high expectations for every child. I am a compassionate person who thrives to bring out the best in every child. If you are an aspiring actor or author my class is for you. You will find published books from other students in the classroom.